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What causes sudden death? Another Malaysian female artist dies suddenly? !


Today brought the shocking news of the sudden demise of a 37-year-old Malaysian female artist... The phenomenon of sudden death is becoming more prevalent in society and is showing a trend toward younger ages. This article will delve into the precursors of sudden death.
In reality, there are rarely clear signs before sudden death. Generally, sudden death is associated with factors like excessive fatigue and mental stress. Sudden death is an unpredictable, abrupt event. In other words, patients do not exhibit clear signs of impending death. If there are signs, it's not sudden death. Most sudden death cases are accompanied by underlying diseases such as cardiovascular issues.
Sudden death typically refers to a person who is generally healthy and experiences unexpected death within an hour. The main causes include:
1. Cerebral Hemorrhage: Bleeding in the brainstem or a large cerebral hemorrhage can lead to the sudden cessation of heartbeat and breathing, or the occurrence of brain herniation resulting in death.
2. Cardiac Ischemia: Irregular heartbeats, such as ventricular fibrillation, can occur after a heart attack, leading to the heart's sudden stoppage, possibly resulting in sudden death.
3. Pulmonary Infarction: A large blood vessel obstruction in the lungs can cause disruption in the supply of blood, oxygen, and exchange, leading to the patient's death.
4. Sudden Rupture of Large Blood Vessels: Sudden rupture in conditions like aortic dissection can cause massive bleeding, possibly leading to sudden death within minutes.
5. Severe Hypoglycemia: This can lead to brain coma or death.
6. Aortic Aneurysm: Sudden rupture of an aortic aneurysm can also lead to sudden death.
Maintaining good lifestyle habits and practices can help prevent sudden death:
1. Ensure Oxygen Environment: Avoid stimuli, stabilize emotions, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption. Oxygen inhalation helps increase myocardial oxygen supply. Use painkillers as per medical advice, conduct a complete electrocardiogram, monitor blood pressure and observe changes in myocardial oxygen deficiency.
2. Maintain Stable Vital Signs: Minimize or eliminate factors that increase the heart's load, monitor vital signs, and control sodium intake.
3. Sustain a Good Living Environment: Keep indoor air fresh, ventilate regularly, and provide oxygen to patients when necessary.
4. Daily Health Maintenance: In terms of health, taking porcupine dates can be used for cancer prevention and is suitable for those facing high work pressure, staying up late frequently, or excessive smoking and drinking. Prevention is better than cure; cherish life and focus on health.

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